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5 Reasons To Love Desert Hot Springs! | Palm Springs Limo Services

Limo services in Desert Hot Springs, CA
NICKNAMED SPA TOWN USA, Desert Hot Springs of Coachella Valley is a beloved destination for Palm Springs limo services. Here you can find an abundance of its iconic hot springs, great eateries, desert hiking trails, bars and lots of activities for all. Situated approximately 1,000 ft. higher than its southern neighbor Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs experiences a cooler summer climate than Palm Springs. With a population of 28,000, the city has experienced a population boom since 1970, when the population was under 3,000. In the year of 1900, only a hundred residents of Desert Hot Springs were of non-Native American background.

Desert Hot Springs is surrounded by the Little San Bernardino Mountains to the north and the San Jacinto Mountains to the south. Overlooking the City of Palm Springs, the city has an elevation of over 1,000 feet. It is an authentic desert town at the crossroads of the Colorado-, Mojave- and Sonoran Deserts. Although not incorporated as an independent town until 1963, the post office was already established in 1944. Desert Hot Springs’ indigenous people is the Cahuilla (Ivilyuqaletem) Native-Americans. This group of Native-Americans still operate a reservation in town, known as the Mission Creek Band of Mission Indians. You can learn more about their history at the local Cabot’s Museum, one of town’s most visited tourist attractions, or at Agua Caliente Cultural Museum or Indian Canyons in nearby Palm Springs. Cabot’s Pueblo Museum appears on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, although the city’s more than fifty resorts and hotels might be more popular for Desert Hot Springs limousine clientele.

The city is undoubtably most known for its idyllic natural mineral hot springs, which can be found throughout all of town. The more than fifty restaurants as well are popular limo destinations. With its close proximity to the vineyards of Temecula Valley, many residents here also book Temecula wine-tasting tours. Besides transportation throughout Coachella Valley and Riverside County, our Palm Springs limo company also focuses on wine-tasting tours to Temecula Valley as well as party bus nights on town, airport transfers, and much more.

1. Spa Town U.S.A.

Two Bunch Palms Spa
Did you know Desert Hot Springs goes by nicknames such as “Spa Town USA” and the official nickname “California’s Spa City”? With nonetheless than 15+ spas and hot springs to pick from, you have many choices when picking a spa destination in Desert Hot Springs. A dozen of spas can be found all throughout town, and are frequent stops for our limo services. The many hot springs of Desert Hot Springs is what has made this area a beloved place for everyone from the Cahuilla Native-Americans to today’s tourists and visitors. In fact so famous that the city decided to name itself after the unique hot water underground. There have even been people digging out their own hot pools on their properties to enjoy a personal mineral water hot tub. The town’s many hot springs and whirlpools make for ideal mineral spring spas. Many of these are regularly visited by dating couples on limo rides.

While the city boosts a dozen spas, pools and hot springs, we have discovered Two Bunch Palms Spa to be the true jewel of Desert Hot Springs. By far the most popular destination in town. Here you will discover everything from natural springs to soak in, whirlpools, spa treatment, a restaurant and resort. This award-winning resort and spa facility has become one of the city’s most famous landmarks. Occupying nearly 80 acres of land, Two Bunch Palms is bigger than most hot springs. Their Grotto is an over 600 year-old and keeps a steady heat of over 100 degrees year-round. Miracle Springs Spa is another limo favorite and offers 8 hot springs to soak in. Their on-site Capri Restaurant and scenic mountain views make this another popular stops for limousines.

Other hot springs visited by limos in town include Hope Springs, Vista Ventana, Lido Palms Spa, Hacienda Hot Springs, Living Waters Spa, El Morocco Spa, Miracle Manor, Sagewater Spa, The Spring Resort and Spa, Tuscan Springs, Aqua Soleil Spa, and Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel.

2. Great Restaurants & Bars

Desert Hot Springs is home to a variety of tasty diners, bars and eateries. For one of the best restaurants in town, check out the Mexican Casa Blanca Restaurant on Pierson Boulevard. Another great Mexican eatery is South of the Border, rated the city’s best restaurant by Trip Advisor. Other great choices for Mexican food include Zapopan Mexican Food, Las Palmas Mexican Cuisine, La Michoacana Restaurant, El Matador and Don Tacorriendo - all located on the main street Palm Drive.

For the town’s best Italian cuisine, check out Capri Italian Restaurant on Palm Dr. This Italian restaurant and steakhouse is famous for its great manicotti, tortellini, steaks and other Italian dishes. Named the best restaurant in town by Los Angeles Times, Capri has become a local landmark and popular for local limo services. Besides their signature steak, the tomato broth and homemade meatballs are other great dishes found at Capri’s.

A fan of sushi? Rated the number one restaurant in Desert Hot Springs by Yelp, Domo Sushi on Palm Drive is a great choice for sushi. The Gray Cafe serves some great vegan- and vegetarian dishes, while the best pizza in town can be found at Rocky’s New York Style Pizza. For American cuisine head to Dillon’s Burgers & Beers on Dillon Road, or Essense on Two Bunch Palms Trl. The Best Thai food in town is found at Thai Palm Restaurant, while Kam Lun Chinese Restaurant offers the city’s best Chinese food. Great Vietnamese food is served at Pho Na Vietnamese Cuisine.

By far the most popular bar in town is Playoffs Sports Lounge, which stays open till 2am on Fridays and Saturdays, but closes at midnight during weekdays. Escapade Cocktail Lounge and the bars at Dillon’s Burgers and South of the Border are also popular bars for our party buses. 

3. Movies Filmed in Town

A helicopter scene in Mission Impossible III was
filmed at San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm
Many limo renters may be surprised of how many movies that were filmed in Desert Hot Springs. Did you for example know that a helicopter scene from Mission Impossible III (2006) was filmed by nearby wind turbines? While movie filming in Desert Hot Springs already began in the 1930’s at the Circle B Guest Ranch on 20th Street, the city has become more popular filming location in recent years. Did you for example know that Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa appeared in the movie The Player (1992)? The desert spa here was visited when Griffin (Tim Robbins) takes his date, June (Greta Scacchi) to the spa. Numerous scenes in 3 Women (1977) starring Sissy Spacek was filmed here, including a scene from west Palm Drive by Acoma Ave and Pierson Blvd. The former Coffee's Hot Mineral Baths was featured as a hospital in the same film. Flamingo Resort Hotel can be seen in The Night Crew (2015), while scenes from 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) were also shot in Desert Hot Springs. Jane and the House of Miracles (2015) was filmed in its entirety within town, while Traders of the Lost Surplus appears in Do It or Die (2017). Bubbling Wells Ranch appears in the 2013 episode “Which Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Is Most Fun?” of the TV-series After Hours (2010-). The James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever (1971) features several scenes from Palm Springs, including the Elrod House on Southridge Dr. Cinematic movie tours by Palm Springs limo services are available throughout the Coachella Valley.

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4. Untouched Wilderness

Limo at Palm Springs Airport
With its breathtaking desert climate and surrounding mountains, Desert Hot Springs is bordering incredible natural preserves such as Joshua Tree National Park to the east and Big Morongo Canyon Preserve to the north. We’ve even had airport transfers with international tourists landing at Ontario Airport and heading to explore the national park by limousines. Although not as popular for limo rides, there are several impressive hiking trails within city limits, most notably Swiss Canyon Trail and the city loop. A connector for various trails is Cabot’s Pueblo Museum, a local Hopi Native-American museum. Desert Hot Springs Loop is a 1.1-mile loop which offers magnificent views of surrounding San Jacinto Mountains, cities and untouched parts of the Low Colorado Desert. The trail loop usually takes about an hour and is an easy hike well worth your time. Remember to bring a camera and tons of water! Swiss Canyon Trail is a 2.1-mile hike with gorgeous views of Palm Springs, sand rock formations, San Gorgonio Pass, Colorado Desert wilderness and panoramic views of the San Jacinto Mountains and City of Palm Springs. Swiss Canyon Trail takes a little more of an effort, but the views and natural solitude is well worth the hike. The train usually takes about two hours and has an elevation gain of 800 feet. The easier before-mentioned Desert Hot Springs Loop has a lower elevation gain of 200 feet.

The trailhead is located on Verbena Road, a little north of Yucca Street, on the eastern side of Verbena Rd. Coordinates: 33°58'21.7"N 116°29’33.8"W. For the easier loop, park along Verbena Rd. and begin your journey on the sandy trail on the east side of the road. Approximately halfway, after 0.5 miles, turn right and follow path for 0.3 miles. Start your way back by descending into the canyon and follow the loop as it turns back into the main dirt road.

Joshua Tree National Park is a 30-45 minute drive from Desert Hot Springs, a park visited by over 1.5 million people per year and one of Southern California’s most visited national parks.

5. Abundant Wildlife

Being an epicenter of the Mojave-, Sonoran- and Colorado Deserts, wildlife here is unique and thriving. Bordering an over 1,230 mi2 protected national park, wildlife is also abundant in Desert Hot Springs. Just some of the species you can encounter here include Desert Bighorn Sheep, Kit Fox, Desert Iguana, Desert Tortoise, Pronghorns, Horned Lizard, Chuckwalla, Roadrunners, Cougars, and the venomous Gila Monster. Neighboring Joshua Tree National Park is home to 220 species of bird, and an abundance of endangered endemic animal species. You might just see a Desert Bighorn Sheep climbing the mountain-side, an adorable Kit Fox or one of the half-a-dozen snake species that can be found here. As many as eleven species of rattlesnake can be found in the nearby deserts, more than any other place on Earth.

Prefer a shorter trip than to Joshua Tree National Park? Desert Hot Springs borders Big Morongo Canyon Preserve to the north, yet another protected nature area. At this 30,000+ acre you can experience a jewel of the Mojave Desert. An important bird sanctuary, more than 250 species of bird can be found in this wildlife preserve. It is situated in the Little San Bernardino Mountains and is a crucial riparian- and avian zone and habitat in the Colorado Desert. It is a natural oasis and entry here is free of charge. Some of the animals commonly observed here include an array of bird species, large numbers of Ring-Tailed Cats and as a result of being located in the mountains, also a larger population of Desert Big Horn Sheep have been observed by limousine customers here.

Whether in or around Desert Hot Springs, your best chances of seeing reptiles are from spring to fall, while May is your best chance of spotting rare birds. Oases are great places to look for wildlife, including in Joshua Tree National Park and Big Morongo Canyon Preserve. Mammals, eagles, hawks, falcons and other animals are present throughout the year.

The outdoorsy types may consider tent camping to increase their chances of seeing wildlife. There are various campgrounds in Joshua Tree National Park, but you can also bring a tent and camp at Sam’s Family Spa Hot Water Resort or Desert Springs RV Park in town.

For whatever reason you are searching for a Desert Hot Springs limousine service or limo services in Palm Springs or any other city, we will be able to accommodate your needs for luxurious transportation. Palm Springs Limo Services has a wide selection of stretch limousines, party buses, sedans, SUVs and more. Besides local city tours, we offer exclusive Temecula wine-tasting tours and party bus nights out in town. We are a top provider of local airport transfers, including rides to and from Ontario and LAX airports.

A limousine at Palm Drive in Desert Hot Springs

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