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Biggest Stars on Palm Springs Walk of Stars!

walk of stars palm canyon drive
Let’s face it; from Elizabeth Taylor to the King of Rock and Roll - no blog post can cover the multitudes of stars featured at the world-famous Walk of Stars. As our limousines transport international vacationers in Palm Springs on a regular basis, we want to present a short glimpse of the most influential celebs recognized at the city’s own walk of fame.

The walk, situated in Downtown, stretches from main street (Palm Canyon Dr.) and to adjacent streets. Beginning in 1992, the famed sidewalk now brags over 334 individual Golden Palm Stars. Elected government officials, movie producers, musicians, actors and actresses are all represented. And for the criteria? People commemorated must have lived in Coachella Valley in areas surrounding Palm Springs.

One of Coachella Valley’s truly iconic landmarks, limo services are daily dropping off and picking up clients from these legendary sidewalks. Many stars are conveniently located on the main street of Palm Canyon Drive, and in close proximity to some of the region’s best shopping, dining and lodging.


5. Bob Hope

Lending his name to a Los Angeles airport and having acted in over seventy movies, Bob Hope certainly deserves his recognition. Not to mention his thousands of honor awards and more than 50 honorary doctorates from various universities worldwide. Why Hope decided to buy an estate here in the 1970s may not be a surprise. Hope namely joined a number of stars who made Coachella Valley their desert escapes, including Shirley Temple, Frank Sinatra, Gene Autry, and others. A local golf tournament was already known as “Bob Hope Desert Classic” in 1965, and we all know Coachella Valley is world known for its exceptional golf. As an example, neighboring La Quinta has often been “Rated one of the best golfing destinations in America.”

4. Marilyn Monroe

One of Hollywood’s most beloved and notable stars, Marilyn Monroe was America’s favorite blonde for much of the 50s and also a highest-paid actress featured in a variety of Hollywood films. Long embraced with her own 26 ft. statue in downtown, Monroe became a Palm Springs local and owned a mansion in the city where also much of her career began. Spending much time here in the 50s and 60s, she is said to have started her career when meeting Hollywood talent agent Hyde here in 1949.

3. Frank- and Nancy Sinatra

Music, show business, acting and producing. Frank Sinatra remains one of the most prominent entertainers of all time. With over 145 million records sold and appearance in over 50 movies, Sinatra unquestionably belongs on our walk of fame. What brought Sinatra to town? His visits to the valley began already following World War II. As more and more superstars found their vacation houses by the Springs in the desert, Sinatra acquired his first house here in 1947. He would often visit Dean Martin’s house on Monte Vista, and he is buried in Cathedral City. He attended a Catholic Church in La Quinta, and also owned a mansion on Frank Sinatra Drive in Rancho Mirage.

2. Elvis Presley

The king of all kings. Or simply, The King. Having sold over one billion records and appeared in 30+ motion picture; Elvis has arguably the most noteworthy, remarkable and deserving bronze star. Although Graceland in Tennessee was Presley’s true home, the king owned vacation homes and estates throughout the country. And in Palm Springs is where the king found his dream Honeymoon Hideaway, where the king rented a house for a year in the late 60s. While Priscilla and Elvis got married in Las Vegas in May of 1967, they spent that same night in their leased Honeymoon Hideaway. What brought the Presleys out here? After a visit to his manager who resided there, Elvis realized Coachella Valley was an ideal place to spend time with his wife. Overflowed with celebrities, Elvis could even take Priscilla out for dining or shopping without being bothered by clingy reporters and photographers.

1. Presidents

Few cities in the U.S. can brag a higher number of presidents as residents. Taken our population into consideration, we are very lucky to have had three commanders in chiefs commemorated. Dwight Eisenhower was a passionate golfer, and like President Obama, often returned to Coachella Valley for desert golfing. Gerald Ford, who purchased a Rancho Mirage home in 1976, is also honored with a star, along with his wife Betty Ford. The couple remained in Coachella Valley until the presidents’ passing on December 26, 2006, in Rancho Mirage. The third, and for the time being, the last president honored, is Ronald Reagan who owned an estate in the Old Las Palms district. Although not honored with stars, presidents Nixon, Clinton, Bush and Obama have vacationed in Greater Palm Springs.

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From Natalie Wood, Kathy Griffin to Roy Rogers (who appeared in 100+ films); it is difficult to cover all that should be seen. And it is much to be seen. Did you know that you can walk in the footsteps of Frank Sinatra at his favorite hangout spots? Are that you can be touring the stars’ estates by limousines? Contact Palm Springs Limousine Services for a tour of the city to see the most famous celebrity sights!

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NEW: Best Rated Desert Hot Springs Restaurants! | Palm Springs Limo Service

Desert Hot Springs limo and party bus service
As a provider of Palm Springs limo services for years, we have come to know the ins and out of diners in and around Palm Springs. As many who rent our limo service head on dates or friends’ outings for dining, we have decided to announce our Top 5 Tips For Best Restaurants in Desert Hot Springs. Whether by limo or party bus, why not make your day memorable by adding a luxurious and chauffeured vehicle?

1. Casa Blanca Restaurant

Address: 66370 Pierson Boulevard

Rated the second-best restaurant in town - by both TripAdvisor and Yelp - Casa Blanca may be the very best restaurant in Desert Hot Springs. Consequentially, many clients order their limousine rides to visit Casa Blanca. This popular eatery has two locations - both in the Palm Springs area, where the second location is in Cathedral City. Their spinach enchilada is their signature dish, and a must to try for visitors. Casa Blanca has a great variety of delicious Mexican dishes.

2. Sushi Domo

Address: 13440 Palm Drive

The only local restaurant to surpass four stars on Yelp, Sushi Domo is consequentially the best-rated restaurant in town according to Yelp-reviewers. For anyone who likes sushi in the Palm Springs region, Sushi Domo’s great Japanese cuisine is something to consider. Known for their yummy Sushi rolls and teriyaki, Sushi Domo also has a larger selection of noodles, sashimi, and various Korean dishes. Whether by a limo or a party bus, travel here with us for an unforgettable dining experience!

3. Dillon’s Burgers & Beer

Address: 64647 Dillon Road

Rated the 5th-best eatery in town by Yelp-users, Dillon’s is a local favorite for burgers and American cuisine. The only restaurant in town to be featured in the book The Palm Springs Diner’s Bible: A Restaurant Guide For Palm Springs (2009), Dillion’s is truly amongst the city’s very best eateries. Despite officially being located in an area known as North Palm Springs, this restaurant is closer to Desert Hot Springs than anywhere else inhabited. Many locals come here for bbq steak and hamburgers, although few vacationers venture out here by limo services.

4. South of the Border

Address: 11719 Palm Drive

A limousine parked at Palm Dr
The only restaurant in town to surpass four stars on TripAdvisor, South of the Border is the best restaurant in town according to TripAdvisor. By Dorling Kindersley, it was named “one of America’s best Mexican restaurants” in 2016. It is an historic non-chain diner, which has won numerous awards. Visit this pueblo-styled restaurant for outstanding authentic Mexican dishes such as tamales, enchiladas, burritos, tacos, and more. Their guacamole is a must. Besides mostly Mexican cuisine, South of the Border also offers various Ecuadorian dishes, as the restaurant has been owned by a family from Ecuador for over 25 years. Many local tourists reserve their Palm Springs limo service in order to dine out at South of the Border!

5. Zapopan Mexican Food

Address: 14207 Palm Drive

Rated the 5th best diner in Desert Hot Springs by TripAdvisor-reviewers, Zapopan is an ideal pick for Mexican food. Although both Casa Blanca and South of the Border brag a better rating for Mexican cuisine, Zapopan is worth the visit for locals. The place boasts a huge variety of Mexican cuisine, including signature tostadas, taco salads, sopes, quesadillas, tortas, and more.

By party bus or a luxury stretch limousine, contact Palm Springs Limousine Services for top quality transportation in the Coachella Valley. Our limo service also serves neighboring communities such as La Quinta, Palm Desert, Desert Hot Springs, Rancho Mirage, and more. We are also pleased to offer a price-match-guarantee on all our transfers, including our award-winning Temecula wine-tasting tours.

Limo in Palm Springs, California

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5 Reasons To Love Desert Hot Springs! | Palm Springs Limo Services

Limo services in Desert Hot Springs, CA
NICKNAMED SPA TOWN USA, Desert Hot Springs of Coachella Valley is a beloved destination for Palm Springs limo services. Here you can find an abundance of its iconic hot springs, great eateries, desert hiking trails, bars and lots of activities for all. Situated approximately 1,000 ft. higher than its southern neighbor Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs experiences a cooler summer climate than Palm Springs. With a population of 28,000, the city has experienced a population boom since 1970, when the population was under 3,000. In the year of 1900, only a hundred residents of Desert Hot Springs were of non-Native American background.

Desert Hot Springs is surrounded by the Little San Bernardino Mountains to the north and the San Jacinto Mountains to the south. Overlooking the City of Palm Springs, the city has an elevation of over 1,000 feet. It is an authentic desert town at the crossroads of the Colorado-, Mojave- and Sonoran Deserts. Although not incorporated as an independent town until 1963, the post office was already established in 1944. Desert Hot Springs’ indigenous people is the Cahuilla (Ivilyuqaletem) Native-Americans. This group of Native-Americans still operate a reservation in town, known as the Mission Creek Band of Mission Indians. You can learn more about their history at the local Cabot’s Museum, one of town’s most visited tourist attractions, or at Agua Caliente Cultural Museum or Indian Canyons in nearby Palm Springs. Cabot’s Pueblo Museum appears on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, although the city’s more than fifty resorts and hotels might be more popular for Desert Hot Springs limousine clientele.

The city is undoubtably most known for its idyllic natural mineral hot springs, which can be found throughout all of town. The more than fifty restaurants as well are popular limo destinations. With its close proximity to the vineyards of Temecula Valley, many residents here also book Temecula wine-tasting tours. Besides transportation throughout Coachella Valley and Riverside County, our Palm Springs limo company also focuses on wine-tasting tours to Temecula Valley as well as party bus nights on town, airport transfers, and much more.

1. Spa Town U.S.A.

Two Bunch Palms Spa
Did you know Desert Hot Springs goes by nicknames such as “Spa Town USA” and the official nickname “California’s Spa City”? With nonetheless than 15+ spas and hot springs to pick from, you have many choices when picking a spa destination in Desert Hot Springs. A dozen of spas can be found all throughout town, and are frequent stops for our limo services. The many hot springs of Desert Hot Springs is what has made this area a beloved place for everyone from the Cahuilla Native-Americans to today’s tourists and visitors. In fact so famous that the city decided to name itself after the unique hot water underground. There have even been people digging out their own hot pools on their properties to enjoy a personal mineral water hot tub. The town’s many hot springs and whirlpools make for ideal mineral spring spas. Many of these are regularly visited by dating couples on limo rides.

While the city boosts a dozen spas, pools and hot springs, we have discovered Two Bunch Palms Spa to be the true jewel of Desert Hot Springs. By far the most popular destination in town. Here you will discover everything from natural springs to soak in, whirlpools, spa treatment, a restaurant and resort. This award-winning resort and spa facility has become one of the city’s most famous landmarks. Occupying nearly 80 acres of land, Two Bunch Palms is bigger than most hot springs. Their Grotto is an over 600 year-old and keeps a steady heat of over 100 degrees year-round. Miracle Springs Spa is another limo favorite and offers 8 hot springs to soak in. Their on-site Capri Restaurant and scenic mountain views make this another popular stops for limousines.

Other hot springs visited by limos in town include Hope Springs, Vista Ventana, Lido Palms Spa, Hacienda Hot Springs, Living Waters Spa, El Morocco Spa, Miracle Manor, Sagewater Spa, The Spring Resort and Spa, Tuscan Springs, Aqua Soleil Spa, and Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel.

2. Great Restaurants & Bars

Desert Hot Springs is home to a variety of tasty diners, bars and eateries. For one of the best restaurants in town, check out the Mexican Casa Blanca Restaurant on Pierson Boulevard. Another great Mexican eatery is South of the Border, rated the city’s best restaurant by Trip Advisor. Other great choices for Mexican food include Zapopan Mexican Food, Las Palmas Mexican Cuisine, La Michoacana Restaurant, El Matador and Don Tacorriendo - all located on the main street Palm Drive.

For the town’s best Italian cuisine, check out Capri Italian Restaurant on Palm Dr. This Italian restaurant and steakhouse is famous for its great manicotti, tortellini, steaks and other Italian dishes. Named the best restaurant in town by Los Angeles Times, Capri has become a local landmark and popular for local limo services. Besides their signature steak, the tomato broth and homemade meatballs are other great dishes found at Capri’s.

A fan of sushi? Rated the number one restaurant in Desert Hot Springs by Yelp, Domo Sushi on Palm Drive is a great choice for sushi. The Gray Cafe serves some great vegan- and vegetarian dishes, while the best pizza in town can be found at Rocky’s New York Style Pizza. For American cuisine head to Dillon’s Burgers & Beers on Dillon Road, or Essense on Two Bunch Palms Trl. The Best Thai food in town is found at Thai Palm Restaurant, while Kam Lun Chinese Restaurant offers the city’s best Chinese food. Great Vietnamese food is served at Pho Na Vietnamese Cuisine.

By far the most popular bar in town is Playoffs Sports Lounge, which stays open till 2am on Fridays and Saturdays, but closes at midnight during weekdays. Escapade Cocktail Lounge and the bars at Dillon’s Burgers and South of the Border are also popular bars for our party buses. 

3. Movies Filmed in Town

A helicopter scene in Mission Impossible III was
filmed at San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm
Many limo renters may be surprised of how many movies that were filmed in Desert Hot Springs. Did you for example know that a helicopter scene from Mission Impossible III (2006) was filmed by nearby wind turbines? While movie filming in Desert Hot Springs already began in the 1930’s at the Circle B Guest Ranch on 20th Street, the city has become more popular filming location in recent years. Did you for example know that Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa appeared in the movie The Player (1992)? The desert spa here was visited when Griffin (Tim Robbins) takes his date, June (Greta Scacchi) to the spa. Numerous scenes in 3 Women (1977) starring Sissy Spacek was filmed here, including a scene from west Palm Drive by Acoma Ave and Pierson Blvd. The former Coffee's Hot Mineral Baths was featured as a hospital in the same film. Flamingo Resort Hotel can be seen in The Night Crew (2015), while scenes from 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) were also shot in Desert Hot Springs. Jane and the House of Miracles (2015) was filmed in its entirety within town, while Traders of the Lost Surplus appears in Do It or Die (2017). Bubbling Wells Ranch appears in the 2013 episode “Which Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Is Most Fun?” of the TV-series After Hours (2010-). The James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever (1971) features several scenes from Palm Springs, including the Elrod House on Southridge Dr. Cinematic movie tours by Palm Springs limo services are available throughout the Coachella Valley.

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4. Untouched Wilderness

Limo at Palm Springs Airport
With its breathtaking desert climate and surrounding mountains, Desert Hot Springs is bordering incredible natural preserves such as Joshua Tree National Park to the east and Big Morongo Canyon Preserve to the north. We’ve even had airport transfers with international tourists landing at Ontario Airport and heading to explore the national park by limousines. Although not as popular for limo rides, there are several impressive hiking trails within city limits, most notably Swiss Canyon Trail and the city loop. A connector for various trails is Cabot’s Pueblo Museum, a local Hopi Native-American museum. Desert Hot Springs Loop is a 1.1-mile loop which offers magnificent views of surrounding San Jacinto Mountains, cities and untouched parts of the Low Colorado Desert. The trail loop usually takes about an hour and is an easy hike well worth your time. Remember to bring a camera and tons of water! Swiss Canyon Trail is a 2.1-mile hike with gorgeous views of Palm Springs, sand rock formations, San Gorgonio Pass, Colorado Desert wilderness and panoramic views of the San Jacinto Mountains and City of Palm Springs. Swiss Canyon Trail takes a little more of an effort, but the views and natural solitude is well worth the hike. The train usually takes about two hours and has an elevation gain of 800 feet. The easier before-mentioned Desert Hot Springs Loop has a lower elevation gain of 200 feet.

The trailhead is located on Verbena Road, a little north of Yucca Street, on the eastern side of Verbena Rd. Coordinates: 33°58'21.7"N 116°29’33.8"W. For the easier loop, park along Verbena Rd. and begin your journey on the sandy trail on the east side of the road. Approximately halfway, after 0.5 miles, turn right and follow path for 0.3 miles. Start your way back by descending into the canyon and follow the loop as it turns back into the main dirt road.

Joshua Tree National Park is a 30-45 minute drive from Desert Hot Springs, a park visited by over 1.5 million people per year and one of Southern California’s most visited national parks.

5. Abundant Wildlife

Being an epicenter of the Mojave-, Sonoran- and Colorado Deserts, wildlife here is unique and thriving. Bordering an over 1,230 mi2 protected national park, wildlife is also abundant in Desert Hot Springs. Just some of the species you can encounter here include Desert Bighorn Sheep, Kit Fox, Desert Iguana, Desert Tortoise, Pronghorns, Horned Lizard, Chuckwalla, Roadrunners, Cougars, and the venomous Gila Monster. Neighboring Joshua Tree National Park is home to 220 species of bird, and an abundance of endangered endemic animal species. You might just see a Desert Bighorn Sheep climbing the mountain-side, an adorable Kit Fox or one of the half-a-dozen snake species that can be found here. As many as eleven species of rattlesnake can be found in the nearby deserts, more than any other place on Earth.

Prefer a shorter trip than to Joshua Tree National Park? Desert Hot Springs borders Big Morongo Canyon Preserve to the north, yet another protected nature area. At this 30,000+ acre you can experience a jewel of the Mojave Desert. An important bird sanctuary, more than 250 species of bird can be found in this wildlife preserve. It is situated in the Little San Bernardino Mountains and is a crucial riparian- and avian zone and habitat in the Colorado Desert. It is a natural oasis and entry here is free of charge. Some of the animals commonly observed here include an array of bird species, large numbers of Ring-Tailed Cats and as a result of being located in the mountains, also a larger population of Desert Big Horn Sheep have been observed by limousine customers here.

Whether in or around Desert Hot Springs, your best chances of seeing reptiles are from spring to fall, while May is your best chance of spotting rare birds. Oases are great places to look for wildlife, including in Joshua Tree National Park and Big Morongo Canyon Preserve. Mammals, eagles, hawks, falcons and other animals are present throughout the year.

The outdoorsy types may consider tent camping to increase their chances of seeing wildlife. There are various campgrounds in Joshua Tree National Park, but you can also bring a tent and camp at Sam’s Family Spa Hot Water Resort or Desert Springs RV Park in town.

For whatever reason you are searching for a Desert Hot Springs limousine service or limo services in Palm Springs or any other city, we will be able to accommodate your needs for luxurious transportation. Palm Springs Limo Services has a wide selection of stretch limousines, party buses, sedans, SUVs and more. Besides local city tours, we offer exclusive Temecula wine-tasting tours and party bus nights out in town. We are a top provider of local airport transfers, including rides to and from Ontario and LAX airports.

A limousine at Palm Drive in Desert Hot Springs

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Ultimate Palm Springs Party Night! | Party Bus Service

Party bus service in Palm Springs
Palm Springs, CA is an ideal place to cruise at night with a party bus or limousine. For its size, this city has an enormous selection of bars, nightclubs, wine-sipping venues, nighttime events and hangout lounges. As a Palm Springs limo service, we often have clients renting a bus for a night of bar- and club-hopping. Whether for a night of techno music on the dance floor, or a cozy night with friends at a local bar, you are guaranteed to have an ideal night on town when traveling by a limousine. In this article our limousine service will present the most popular destinations for local limo services on evenings and nights.

Bars & Nightclubs

Party bus in Palm Springs
Some of the most popular party bus destinations are nightclubs such as The Copa Room and Zelda’s Nightclub. Many also decide on the LGBT-friendly SpurLine, Toucans Tiki Lounge or Hunters. Bardot at Hard Rock Hotel is yet another favorite, as well as RetroRoom Lounge and Village Pub. Purple Room in Club Trinidad on Palm Canyon Dr. is one of the last remaining from the Rat Pack era. Opening in 1960, Purple Room was a popular hangout spot for Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy David Jr., and other stars. For best clubbing and DJ’s, many head to Zelda’s Nightclub. This club draws for the most part a younger crowd. Another place drawing mostly a younger crowd is the Village Pub. At this place people come to hear the DJ’s, dance, and enjoy live music and entertainment on weekends. There are also nice outdoor seating under the palm trees as well as a bar. Although more popular for the LGBT crowd, Street Bar Named Desire is yet another alternative for a great night of drinks and dancing. A particularly popular LGBT dance club with DJ’s and dance floors is Toucans Tiki Lounge. A bar for a youngish crowd is Hair of the Dog English Pub on Palm Canyon Dr., yet another favorite for limousine travelers. For a night on town in nearby Desert Hot Springs, check out Playoffs Sports Lounge or Dillion’s Burgers and Beers. Our Palm Springs limo service offers transportation throughout all of Riverside County, including Palm Desert, La Quinta and other nearby cities and communities.

Live Music, Theaters & Casinos

Morongo Valley limousine rental
Concerts are visited throughout at the city and nearby areas. Many visit the Annenberg Theater for live shows while Palm Springs Follies is another favorite. At Casino Morongo, a 15 minute drive west, is where we find Copy Katz. As a Palm Springs limo service we serve this casino regularly and many come to Copy Katz for live entertainment and even drag shows. Except for its concert hall, this casino is also a 23 story resort with gambling halls, as well as numerous restaurants and bars. Agua Caliente Casino Resort is an additional place we often serve customers who are going on concerts, standup comedy and other shows. This is located in nearby Rancho Mirage. Here we’ve taken Palm Springs limo service clients to see Alan Jackson and numerous other concerts. LeAnn Rimes and Art Garfunkel are just two of the many who have entertained at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, while many have booked their tickets for Alice Cooper’s upcoming summer concert at the Pechanga Resort in Temecula. There are concert- and entertainment venues found throughout the city, and our Palm Springs limo service can take you there in style and luxury!

Daytime Favorite

The daytime favorite by party bus services is to head out on Temecula wine tours. You can also book Palm Springs wine-tasting tours to various wineries around town. Many order their wine tours to for example Middle Ridge Winery in Idyllwind or Wine Emporium in La Quinta. For a larger selection, try one of the 300 wine varietals offered at The Wine Bar at Old Town La Quinta! Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio is home to an array of nightlife options and is a popular limo destination. This is where we also find the 12th Floor Cocktail Lounge & Wine Bar, where there are over sixty wine-varietals on the menu. For Temecula wine tours you have many options for wineries to visit. While some Temecula wine tours only visit one single winery, others prefer visiting as many as possible. Some of the most popular are Oak Mountain Winery, Callaway Vineyard & Winery, and Lorimar Vineyards. There are also various tours offered in the Temecula Valley, such as flyovers with hot air balloons or jeep rides through the vineyards.

Whether you are looking for a limo to a concert or maybe for a beer crawl or club-hopping with friends, we can help you. Our Palm Springs limo service is a top rated provider of luxury limos and party buses in Coachella Valley. We serve every nearby community as well, including La Quinta, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Morongo Valley, Rancho Mirage, Thousand Palms, Indio, Temecula, Desert Hot Springs, and others. Besides limos, we offer sedans, party bus rentals, stretch Hummer limousines, SUV’s and more.

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Best Movies Filmed in Palm Springs!

From James Bond, Rain Man, Mission Impossible and Ocean’s Eleven, limousine clients have told us about the hundreds of great movies and films shot in Palm Springs and the greater Coachella Valley. With filming beginning as early as in 1915, the Coachella Valley has become a popular place for movie- and TV-productions. Starting with Lone Star Rush (1915), Hollywood discovered Palm Springs early and producers fell in love with the city for a host of reasons. For one, with its sandy deserts the city made for a great Middle East or Sahara lookalike. With the snowy San Jacinto Mountains, scenes with a winter climates could also be filmed in the same city. And for the movies scenes with greenery, Temecula was a short drive away with its ever-green rolling vineyards and greenery. Although the city began as an ideal locale for filming Western movies and television series, all genres of films are produced in Palm Springs today. Whether you’d like cinematic limousine-tours of the area by our party bus rentals or limo services, transfer to the airport or just to educate yourself on the great cinematic history of town, these are our limousine services favorite movies filmed in Palm Springs and the larger Coachella Valley!

James Bond meets Thumper at Willard Whyte's mansion
(Elrod House)
First of all, did you know Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here (1969) was filmed in the area? Based on the true story, the movie follows Willie Boys escape from the law through the Mojave Desert. Our Palm Springs limo service and party bus rentals company is located in the Willie Boys Saloon and we know all the filming spots for this and other great movies! An an example, we've taken tourists from the local airport directly to Willie Boy’s grave, located in the area and a place tourists and others often visit by limo or party bus. A maybe more famous movie with scenes filmed here is Ocean’s Eleven (2001). The Vegas home of Reuben Rishkoff in the movie is actually located at 996 N. Patencio Road here in Palm Springs! Furthermore, the home of the film’s producer Jerry Weintraub is also located by the city’s private Bighorn Golf Club. Another movie featuring scenes from Palm Springs is Mission: Impossible III (2006). In this movie there’s a helicopter chase filmed at the San Gorgonio Pass Windfarm, just outside of the city. Many head up the Aerial Tram with our party bus and limousine rentals to get a picturesque view of this rather huge windmill park. Yet another movie you might did not know had scenes from Coachella Valley is James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever (1971). Where Bond meets up with Thumper and Bambi in the rocky mansion of Willard Whyte in the film, the scene is actually filmed inside the Elrod House, located at 2175 Southridge Dr.

"The Rock" gets attacked by fire ants in Scorpion King
(Anza-Borrego Desert State Park)
Furthermore, did scenes from the movie the Scorpion King (2002) look familiar to you? The fire ants scene in this film was filmed at the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, which offers stunning desert views from the film! This nearly 600,000 acre state park in the Colorado Desert is named for its many Bighorn sheep and is California’s biggest state park and one of the largest ones in America. Here people in Palm Springs get limo service or party bus to come see the magnificent rock formations, Native-American petroglyphs, hike in nature, look for wildlife and enjoy seeing the location of where limousine customers' favorite film was made. While the cable car in Into the Wild (2007) in fact is the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, when Alex stays at Ron’s house in the film it is also located in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. The Flamingo resort in the movie Bugsy (1991) is to many’s surprise not the one located in Las Vegas, but was rather situated in Thermal, CA by the Salton Sea. Numerous scenes from Behind the Candelabra (2013) was filmed in Palm Springs. Liberace’s funeral was for instance held at Our Lady of Solitude Church, a popular destination of limousine services. When the car gets stolen in Constantine (2005), the parking lot at 17729 N. Indian Canyon Drive is where it actually took place!

Epic helicopter chase in Mission: Impossible III
(San Gorgonio Pass Windfarm)
Palm Springs became early a Hollywood celebrity’s favorite resort town with its own Palm Springs International Airport, and consequentially, many early movies were made here. As previously mentioned, the first movie to ever be filmed here was Lone Star Rush (1918), and many movies soon followed. Some examples include Salomé (1918), the Lone Star Ranger (1919), the Orphan (1920), the Leopard Woman (1920), the Covered Wagon (1922), Desert Gold (1926), and many more. Italian-American actor Rudolph Valentino played in numerous films here, including The Sheikh (1921) and later The Son of the Sheikh (1926). As these stories took place in the North African Saharan desert, the producers looked for a similar climate and geology, and decided on filming the movies in the Palm Springs deserts. The same was the case for numerous movies to follow, due to the early opened airport. Some of these include A Night in Casablanca (1946) and Sahara (1943). A film that one four Oscars, Rain Man (1988), has numerous scenes filmed in the area. The shop where Tom Cruise puts sunscreen on Dustin Hoffman’s nose is in Windy Point on Highway 111. This convenience store is located at 60490 Overture Dr in Palm Springs and is a popular limo service or party bus destination for people who love the film! The windmills by the highway are also featured in the movie and can be a cool stop for limo or party bus rentals. Many tourists and locals enjoy seeing where scenes from Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) and American Gigolo (1980) were filmed. We recently had international tourists flying in and using our airport transfers to see the Rheiman’s home from American Gigolo, which is located at 2389 Yosemite. Another popular place includes the Cliffhouse restaurant in La Quinta featured in City of Industry (1997), located at 78250 Highway 111. The La Quinta Resort Hotel was used for several scenes in Hart To Hart (1979-1984), and is therefore also a trending destination limousine and party bus rentals.

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Even more TV-series have used Palm Springs as a filming spot. The city has been featured in everything from the Real L Word (in 2010), Real Housewives of Orange County (2010 and 2011), Amazing Race (2011), Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2006), Cops (2006 and 2007), the O.C. (2004), Mad Men (2008), the Fresh Price of Bel-Air (1990), and many, many more. Many actors to these have used the local limousine services. I Love Lucy has for example many episodes filmed here in the 50’s including episode 26 of season 4 from 1955. Whether to go on a cinematic tour to your favorite filming locations, rentals, transfer to the airport, or just for a luxurious day or night our in Palm Springs, call us for an unforgettable Palm Springs limo service experience in Southern California!

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4 Reasons To LOVE Palm Springs, CA

Having served Southern California with luxury limo services for over fifteen years, it is a pleasure for American Luxury Limousine to present our newest offices in SoCal - servicing the Greater Palm Springs area, the Coachella Valley and offering exclusive wine-tasting trips to vineyards in Temecula. In this article we will highlight why we picked the City of Palm Springs for our new addition, and why any experience in the city can be made ever better when accompanied with a limousine, airport sedan service, SUV or party bus of your choice. Having served Riverside County for many years, we have transported thousands of clients to the area’s top venues, restaurants, activities and attractions. Besides local residents we have also transported many tourists to and from this beloved tourist destination. And offering transportation between L.A.- and Riverside Counties, you can trust us for the utmost luxurious rides in the region. Also servicing Las Vegas, you can now also book your limo or party bus of choice from the Coachella Valley for destination Vegas!

Why we love the Coachella Valley

Bragging over 100,000 additional residents during the winter months, the Coachella Valley has become one of California’s most prominent resort communities. Nicknamed “America’s Resort City”, “the Golf Capital of the World” “Playground of the Stars,” and “Hollywood’s Waiting Room for Heaven” — We have many names for the things we love. Let us present to you why we love offering party bus, airport transfers and limo services in the great City of Palm Springs!

1) Some of California’s Best Restaurants.

The beautiful view from Peaks Restaurant in
the San Jacinto Mountains
Being the home of about 350,000 residents, the valley hosts over 2  million people per year, and consequentially has a restaurant scene that outdoes any city of an equivalent size. No mention of restaurants here can overlook Peaks Restaurant, situated on Mount San Jacinto, with an elevation of 8,500 feet, located at 1 Tramway Road. Not only does Peaks Restaurant boast some of SoCal’s best panoramic views, but the tram-ride up in the gorgeous San Jacinto Mountains is an experience in itself and a popular tourist destination for our clients. But boasting over 200 restaurants, the city has a lot more restaurants worth a visit! For instance, do you prefer French cuisine? Try Le Vallauris or Pomme Frite! Rather looking for an Italian eatery? Our clients love Lotza Mozza Pizza & Pasta! The city is home to numerous great Mexican eateries, including Las Cusuela and Las Casuela Terraza. Wanna go wine-tasting but not as far as Temecula wine tours? Try tastings at the Spanish wine bar, Tinto at the Saguaro on East Palm Canyon Dr.!

2) Southern California’s Most Scenic Vineyards!

Within such a close proximity to the Temecula wine country, Temecula tours are tremendously popular for our clientele in the area. With 83 square miles of wine country in the Temecula Valley AVA, this region has experienced a local wine-renaissance in recent years.. From being an industry of $131 millions in 1999, the Temecula wine industry had more than quadrupled by 2007. Today, there are over fifty tasting venues in the region that are drawing tourists throughout the year for tastings, tours of various wineries and trips to the vineyards. We have even many international tourists using airport sedan service directly from LAX to Temecula for tastings.

Considering one of our Temecula wine tours? Click here for more info on our award-winning wine-tour offers!

3) Greatest SoCal Nightlife?

Despite its relatively low year-round population, the nightlife of the Coachella Valley is well-known for many Californians. In addition to the famous annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, there are bars, dance clubs, casinos and much more resulting in an unmatched nightlife for every night of year. A popular destination is the Village Pub featuring nightly live-entertainment, as well as the Atlas Night Club, one of the cities most prominent dance-clubs. Other popular bars and clubs include Street Bar Named Desire, the Lobby Bar at the Wyndham, the Reef Tiki Bar at the Caliente Tropic Resort, Badlands and Heaven. In nearby Indio is where we find one of the region’s best casinos, the Fantasy Springs Casino on Indio Springs Parkway, while another much visited casino is the Augustine Casino in Coachella.

4) Endless Shopping Opportunities

With its easily walkable Downtown Strip, shopping in Palm Springs can be a breeze compared to most other cities. Most of the shopping in concentrated on Palm Canyon Drive, in an area named the Village stretching from Amado- to Baristo Streets. But the Village is far from the only place boasting great shopping in the valley. El Paseo in nearby Palm Desert has often been compared to areas such as Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive with its many fine boutiques and speciality shops. In fact, there are over 300 stores located in El Paseo that guarantees great shopping for everyone. Looking for a laid-back outdoor marketplace? Head to Old Town La Quinta! Looking for shopping in Indio? Try the Indio Fashion Mall on Monroe Street or the Indio Open Air Market on Arabia Street!

And from great resorts and hotels, the Living Desert Zoo & Gardens — to the close proximity to some of California’s most visited national park lands, the Coachella Valley has something to offer us all. How about some of the world’s best golfing? After all, you are in the golf capital of the world!

Why order with us?

As a mаttеr оf fасt, no individual wіll ever deny thе fact we аll lоvе a limousine rіdе. A Palm Springs lіmоuѕіnе rіdе mаkеѕ уоur jоurnеу a lаѕtіng mеmоrаblе mоmеnt. Limo services have become a growing company іn the industry wіth no rеѕtrісtіоn to сеrtаіn class, ѕtаtuѕ оr grоuр of реорlе. Therefore, whеnеvеr уоu hаvе аn оссаѕіоn dо not hеѕіtаtе to hіrе a lіmоuѕіnе ѕеrvісе рrоvіdеr to grасе ѕuсh оссаѕіоn.

Hоwеvеr, It іѕ also vеrу реrtіnеnt tо put ѕоmе thіngѕ іntо соnѕіdеrаtіоn bеfоrе сhооѕіng аnу company fоr thе ѕеrvісе. The ѕеrvісеѕ рrоvіdеd by companies аrе; limos for rent, party buѕ rentals, airport sedan service. Fоr аnу ѕеrvісе of the afore-mentioned ѕеrvісеѕ thеn уоu hаvе bе careful nоt tо fаll іntо trар оf соmраnу thаt provides рооr service wіth сhеар соѕt аѕ bаіt. Some lіmоuѕіnе ѕеrvісеѕ companies whо рrоvіdе LAX trаnѕроrtаtіоn, limo rental оr party bus аrе іn thе wоrld of luxurу trаvеlіng to dесеіvе сlіеntѕ wіth lоw рrісеѕ. For quality service аnd dependable one it іѕ bеttеr to gеt services оf a соmраnу thаt саn wоuld рrоvіdе уоu wіth уоur dеѕіrеd quаlіtу limousine service at a affordable рrісе.

Gеttіng the perfect сhоісе of lіmоuѕіnе service company thаt рrоvіdеѕ lіmо rеntаl, раrtу bus or LAX transportation fоr аnу occasion оr event, уоu nееd to соnѕіdеr ѕоmе things. Yоu need tо lооk аt thе lосаtіоn оf such соmраnу. It muѕt bе a соmраnу with аn оffісе аnd also take note оf such соmраnу'ѕ vеhісlеѕ.

Amеrісаn Luxurу Limousine provides with vаrіоuѕ ѕеrvісеѕ like lіmо rental, party bus and airport sedan trаnѕроrtаtіоn аt affordable price wіth mаxіmum соmfоrt. The company іѕ only аnd only соmmіttеd tо еxсеllеnсе fоr іtѕ customers. Thе company mаkеѕ thе trips оr journey a mеmоrаblе one wіth their wеll-trаіnеd, еxреrtѕ, рrоfеѕѕіоnаl, соurtеоuѕ, and wеll-trаіnеd chauffeurs.

Yоu might bе wоndеrіng what mаkеѕ Amеrісаn Luxury Limo dіffеrеnt and distinct аmоng оthеrѕ, thе fоllоwіng аrе the ѕресіаl расkаges and deals you’ll only find when riding with us:

• Price-Match-Guarantee On All Bookings
• Executive VIP Sedan & SUV Transportation
• Lіmоuѕіnеѕ for All Sресіаl Occasions & Evеntѕ
• Trained Chаuffеurѕ thаt Make thе Difference
• Grоuр & Evеnt Trаnѕроrtаtіоn Sеrvісеѕ
• Newer Model Luxurу Vеhісlеѕ
• Premiere Wеddіng & Prоm Services
• Tесhnоlоgу to Enѕurе On Tіmе Sеrvісе

With thеѕе расkаgеѕ, your trір wіth our limousines wіll rеmаіn a lіfеtіmе memory, сlаѕѕу аnd соmfоrt оf zone because nо оnе dоеѕ іt lіkе we dо. Furthеrmоrе, thеrе аrе mаnу other rеаѕоnѕ whу you ѕhоuld ride wіth us. Sоmе оf thеѕе wіll bе dіѕсuѕѕеd bеlоw;

Safety: Our utmоѕt аіm іѕ to рrоvіde quаlіtу ѕеrvісе to оur сuѕtоmеrѕ. The ѕаfеtу of оur customers tо vаrіоuѕ dеѕtіnаtіоnѕ is hіghlу vаluеd. Therefore, the соmраnу’ѕ vеhісlеѕ аrе rеgulаrlу сhесkеd аnd mаіntаіnеd by рrоfеѕѕіоnаlѕ tо еnѕurе ѕаfеtу оf оur сuѕtоmеrѕ.

Reliability: Whаt mаkеѕ us stand out is the rеlіаnсе bаѕеd оn services wе hаvе рrоvіdеd tо our customers. Cuѕtоmеrѕ аrе wеll tаkіng саrе оf wіth ѕtrеѕѕ-frее trір.

Prоfеѕѕіоnаl Sеrvісе: The рrоfеѕѕіоnаl services рrоvіdеd makes іt a wоrld class limousine services. We’ve got соmреtеnt, professionally trаіnеd сhаuffеurѕ to mаkе your jоurnеу оr trip mоrе mеmоrаblе thаn еvеr.

So what are you waiting for? With our new Riverside County offices, we can quickly serve all of the Coachella Valley, including Indio, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Coachella, La Quinta, Desert Hot Springs, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells and Thousand Palms. And with our party bus- and limo services' exclusive lowest-price-guaranteed, you can rest assure that you’re booking the best ride for the best fare when traveling with us.