Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Biggest Stars on Palm Springs Walk of Stars!

walk of stars palm canyon drive
Let’s face it; from Elizabeth Taylor to the King of Rock and Roll - no blog post can cover the multitudes of stars featured at the world-famous Walk of Stars. As our limousines transport international vacationers in Palm Springs on a regular basis, we want to present a short glimpse of the most influential celebs recognized at the city’s own walk of fame.

The walk, situated in Downtown, stretches from main street (Palm Canyon Dr.) and to adjacent streets. Beginning in 1992, the famed sidewalk now brags over 334 individual Golden Palm Stars. Elected government officials, movie producers, musicians, actors and actresses are all represented. And for the criteria? People commemorated must have lived in Coachella Valley in areas surrounding Palm Springs.

One of Coachella Valley’s truly iconic landmarks, limo services are daily dropping off and picking up clients from these legendary sidewalks. Many stars are conveniently located on the main street of Palm Canyon Drive, and in close proximity to some of the region’s best shopping, dining and lodging.


5. Bob Hope

Lending his name to a Los Angeles airport and having acted in over seventy movies, Bob Hope certainly deserves his recognition. Not to mention his thousands of honor awards and more than 50 honorary doctorates from various universities worldwide. Why Hope decided to buy an estate here in the 1970s may not be a surprise. Hope namely joined a number of stars who made Coachella Valley their desert escapes, including Shirley Temple, Frank Sinatra, Gene Autry, and others. A local golf tournament was already known as “Bob Hope Desert Classic” in 1965, and we all know Coachella Valley is world known for its exceptional golf. As an example, neighboring La Quinta has often been “Rated one of the best golfing destinations in America.”

4. Marilyn Monroe

One of Hollywood’s most beloved and notable stars, Marilyn Monroe was America’s favorite blonde for much of the 50s and also a highest-paid actress featured in a variety of Hollywood films. Long embraced with her own 26 ft. statue in downtown, Monroe became a Palm Springs local and owned a mansion in the city where also much of her career began. Spending much time here in the 50s and 60s, she is said to have started her career when meeting Hollywood talent agent Hyde here in 1949.

3. Frank- and Nancy Sinatra

Music, show business, acting and producing. Frank Sinatra remains one of the most prominent entertainers of all time. With over 145 million records sold and appearance in over 50 movies, Sinatra unquestionably belongs on our walk of fame. What brought Sinatra to town? His visits to the valley began already following World War II. As more and more superstars found their vacation houses by the Springs in the desert, Sinatra acquired his first house here in 1947. He would often visit Dean Martin’s house on Monte Vista, and he is buried in Cathedral City. He attended a Catholic Church in La Quinta, and also owned a mansion on Frank Sinatra Drive in Rancho Mirage.

2. Elvis Presley

The king of all kings. Or simply, The King. Having sold over one billion records and appeared in 30+ motion picture; Elvis has arguably the most noteworthy, remarkable and deserving bronze star. Although Graceland in Tennessee was Presley’s true home, the king owned vacation homes and estates throughout the country. And in Palm Springs is where the king found his dream Honeymoon Hideaway, where the king rented a house for a year in the late 60s. While Priscilla and Elvis got married in Las Vegas in May of 1967, they spent that same night in their leased Honeymoon Hideaway. What brought the Presleys out here? After a visit to his manager who resided there, Elvis realized Coachella Valley was an ideal place to spend time with his wife. Overflowed with celebrities, Elvis could even take Priscilla out for dining or shopping without being bothered by clingy reporters and photographers.

1. Presidents

Few cities in the U.S. can brag a higher number of presidents as residents. Taken our population into consideration, we are very lucky to have had three commanders in chiefs commemorated. Dwight Eisenhower was a passionate golfer, and like President Obama, often returned to Coachella Valley for desert golfing. Gerald Ford, who purchased a Rancho Mirage home in 1976, is also honored with a star, along with his wife Betty Ford. The couple remained in Coachella Valley until the presidents’ passing on December 26, 2006, in Rancho Mirage. The third, and for the time being, the last president honored, is Ronald Reagan who owned an estate in the Old Las Palms district. Although not honored with stars, presidents Nixon, Clinton, Bush and Obama have vacationed in Greater Palm Springs.

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From Natalie Wood, Kathy Griffin to Roy Rogers (who appeared in 100+ films); it is difficult to cover all that should be seen. And it is much to be seen. Did you know that you can walk in the footsteps of Frank Sinatra at his favorite hangout spots? Are that you can be touring the stars’ estates by limousines? Contact Palm Springs Limousine Services for a tour of the city to see the most famous celebrity sights!